Legends of the First Wolves

About the Series

Legends of the First Wolves is a new Gay Paranormal Romance series focusing on the lives and loves of an elite Marine Special Operations Team who take on operations deemed too risky for human operators. While turning a new member of their "pack," Sergeant Jeff Wilson, the pack gets more than they bargained for.  Wilson turns their world upside down, introducing change to a world long built on precision and structure. Wilson uncovers the underpinnings of a society built upon those turned, the Chosen Ones, and their separated brethren, born werewolves.

Jeff Wilson finds he is the Little Wolf, a legend among the born wolves. The legend, ingrained in whelps to behave and do good deeds, makes them hope one day they might become the Little Wolf. In his ascension, however, Wilson finds he is forced to rebuild the wolf society before it crumbles upon itself.  For thousands of years, wolves have been in forced assimilation within the human world. Now, their souls cry out to be free. It is the Little Wolf who will set them free.

Throughout everything, Wilson finds himself in a constant battle to bring love and a sense of belonging back to all wolves. Wilson discovers his capacity for love is different than he ever imagined, and he struggles to reconcile the unhappiness he suffered in his previous human existence, with the love he is now attaining. This love forces him to deal with his inner demons and his Victorian notions as to what relationships, love, and sex really mean. Wilson finds as he gains the love and sense of belonging he dreamed of, around every corner, someone or something tries to take it all away.  

About the Author - Bob Bulger

The wolves began talking to Bob years ago. He wondered why the typical treatment of werewolves always portrayed them as the bad guys. The Legend of the First Wolves series is his attempt to bring back the werewolves' 'good guy' reputation. Bob lives and writes in Seattle's Pike Place Neighborhood, right on the edge of Belltown (where good coffee is always just a few steps away).

Release Information

ALPHA PACK: Love Fears No Evil, comes out in late first quarter 2018. 

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